Wednesday, November 9, 2005

Reading an unusually sesquipedalian testimonial one sophomoron wrote to another, I couldn’t help admiring the farrago of all so many alien words in 10 lines. It was amusing to see that there were some six/seven words I never heard of. Proud in my own verbiage at language [Of course before 11th May Happened], I wondered at that person’s eloquence, though detested how she tried to jumble up all her verbosity in a single testimonial. Googling for meanings, when my faithful Oxford and even betrayed me, I came across a page of supposedly Superior Words. Haha, all of those alien words were borrowed from a single webpage. I wonder who is fooling whom and why … The incorrigible supposed-superiority-complex is such a fun thing to observe, though hard to stay away from.
Few visit this page, but for benefit of all, who may consider them seperior this way, if not another, here is the link.


ordered-chaos said...

hmmmm.....and you wonder at me becoming a cynic .stuff like this happens with boring regularity,in the begining it amuses but later grates on your nerves.Orki testimonials are just one of the many facets of this rampant idiocity.
PS:So many looooooooong words in one single sentence I am impressed ;) {didnt remember a single one to quote :D]
PS:BTW why were YOU browsing the soph pages anyways [:o]

blindside the goldfish said...

you use a lot of big words...

Barooq said...


God..... where ?

Madnas said...

It's terrible enough to have time for foolery.

Worse yet, we invest that time in plucking out harrowing secrets of fellow-fools.