Sunday, November 9, 2008


I generally dont respond to tags but Majaz is going to kill me if I dont, this time around
Anyway, here it is

You have to write

Three things which you pride yourself upon.

I dont lie for anyone's approval.

Three things you hate about yourself.

I love myself.:S

Three things that you can't let go of.

Eventually, you have to. So rationally speaking, that I CAN let go of almost anything.

Three things that you love to eat.

Lamb-chops medium rare.
PorterHouse or Tbone medium rare/medium
Mutton Karahi

Three things you cannot possibly eat in a million years.


Three songs you could sing to the rest of the world.

I cant sing

Three movies you would show if you had your way around Film Festivals.

Through a Glass Darkly
Taxi Driver
Kill Bill


Majaz said...

You smoothtalker you. I would've killed for your 'three things you can't let go' but you hooked me back in with the 'three things you pride yourself upon'.

I'm sooooo unbelievably hooked. :(

Z said...


I was hoping to see Majaz in the 'can't let go of's too.

etrangere said...

tarot-rhizome-alphabet is opened now. your username is very interesting.

Shahnaz said...


Posted my response before I looked you up and as I suspected.... I did enjoy the "you" your blog presents!


So as promised here's a hug. I don't care if you are not a hugger- tough! I am.

And hey man. Chill. Don't judge.
Get to know a woman before you tell her who and what she is... after all she already knows that.


Barooq said...

You really didnt read the whole thing baba.
My rambling ended in its own negation...
Get to read the complete lines befoe making a summary :)
Responding there again btw.

Shahnaz said...

Barooq my dear man!

As I suspected- I knew I would end up liking you and your cynicism a lot, and I did!

A once over at your blog convinced me. I knew you meant no harm. Neither did I. We both have a penchant for "tilting at windmills" and both are equally guilty.

So in true blogger style let me officially enquire if you would agree to be the (Sancho) PAnza to my (Don) Quixote??

(Tongue in cheek)
Hugs mate!

PS:Keep visiting... I am curious and appreciative of your insightful (if often) caustic viewpoint. In fact I enjoy it!

Shahnaz said...

Am I to be Dante, then- and you vociferous one are to be my guide eh?

Let us proceed. I have to caution though... you may find me a testy (but most certainly worthy) companion (I refuse the power stratification of leader and guide)(How about we consent to companions instead)

Proceed- I await with bated breath.