Saturday, January 19, 2008

Did he kiss her with kisses of his mouth ? :)

A stupid question just popped up my head and now I can't sleep.

Did Solomon marry Sheba?
Widely held Islamic belief is that he did, but Quran doesn't have an exact reference.
And ofcourse, my favourite part of Bible, The Song of Solomon, has various references about the supposed love between them.
Anyone who happens to read this blog, please have your say and I am interested in the account of all three religions, i.e Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

Having said that, I'll try to sleep again now :(


Majaz said...

Odd coincidence that we were discussing her in Tafseer today.

The teacher said that they did indeed marry. I will find out the exact reference for you ... from wherever she found it.

Anonymous said...

Interesting!~ I'll look into it the next I have a few minutes all to myself.
Umm since i'm here, think you could tell me if has quit writing altogether or she writes elsewhere? Nope don't know the name, hence used the link.

She's a beauty!~ :)
i'll be grateful if you could be of any help.