Friday, April 28, 2006

In sultry mornings, when ghosts of the nights’ dreams recapitulate, I mourn the departure of the little waif lost in the wasteland of my heart.
I can still visualize him, cold and naked, shivering in the dark, and crying.
Better! He didn’t fit in. All rues aside, he didn’t fit in.
Sometimes we can come undone with whatever we did, sometimes we can’t. What say you love, which one of those times is it?
And when of questions, I ask too much? For me, yes. But I ask so. To cogitate of being with you, around you, or even in the imagination of your presence, Love.
And moments, made heavy with breaths, dissolved in thin air. I relive them to live. And how I live them, these images of your glistening skin, brushing against mine, and a mélange of desires? I tremble already, as I trembled, the beauty, love, passion. A collage of these memories when, for once, for once lunacy ruled over the rationale, have glued themselves to the fragments of my being. Do you know, Love, they obliterate mirrors, nullify the dissonance between me and my personage and let me be me, resurrected and naked in the warmth of your lap this time. And how could I mar them with a self-righteous frenzy—these memories that send tremors down my spirit in an orgasmic ecstasy? What an episode of rebirth unbeknownst to the flesh.
Talk to me, my inabilities, murmur in my ear; what to say, what to write, to make her hear, to make her understand? How to locate coherence, lucidity in this paroxysm of my restlessness, to establish the connection, a communication?
These words that I form mock my naiveté and I war with these, like that little child who is alone in the wilderness, cold and naked, and crying.


Ozair said...

very pretty words... u sound like a rumi... :)

Talha Masood said...


do not humiliate either Rumi or Barooq...

Majaz said...

That ain't horseshit.

Not to me at least.

Chrysalis said...

Beautiful.. Barooq! you have to have to have to HAVE TO finish the pages!

Madnas said...

"How to locate coherence, lucidity in this paroxysm of my restlessness, to establish the connection, a communication?"


And he's back in the game with a bleeding pen :).

At last.

Majaz said...
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Majaz said...

As they say.. Jee aya noon.

Hope that doesn't completely diversify the literary air of the commentbox.

Madnas said...

I am not sure what that means... Jee Aya Noon... :s

Hypocrisy Thy Name said...

Achtung bitte! Are you in that part of the globe where Adolf Hitler ruled?

After visiting your blog for the first time, a question:"woh ist umleitung für ihres blog? Because I can not digest your English.

If you can read Urdu I have a blog in Urdu also.

Majaz said...

My eyes deceiveth me.

You don't know what "Jee Aya Noon" means?

Is it only Karachiite buses that sport that statement?

Ozair said...

I'v been meaning to ask...

what is but a variation of 23 letters?


Barooq said...

@ Ozair

When I was chosing this nick I am sure I meant something
I've grown dumb ever since ... Forgot what is what :)

This is the case with most of what I write, in six months or so, i cant understand a word of it :D

Ozair said...

hehehe! :) i know what u mean though... no new posts? i was gone so long... :)

Selene. said...


I have the most befitting comment for you that I could muster up. Yet anyway.

The only sad part about this jubilation is that someone else has said it for someone else in some God-forsaken time.

But all life's a repitition of celebration, wouldn't you say?

Kher. This is you, though.

All you.

"a fabulous, freaky, singing, acrobatic, unheard-of English"

Ozair said...

@23 letters.... :) u were doubly correct... that link had such pretty words...!! and u say their from a movie... imagine the effect it would hve if there was some background music... :D

Barooq said...

You know what i mean :D

It was an independent movie FALL
It was ok,i liked it OK. But i did end up narrating the lines to my girlfriend at 5 in the morning :D
That was a cute Sunday morning:)

Majaz said...

Yes. Yes, I do.

Majaz said...

And yes. Yes it was.

Barooq said...

Excuse me , but who are you ;);P

Majaz said...

I'm the Goddess of Wisdom.